This British Film Company Sees Malta As A Tropical House Paradise

The island sure does make for a lush backdrop

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The Maltese islands have some seriously beautiful landscapes. Between the beaches, valleys, natural garrigues and shipwrecks, photographers and videographers are literally spoilt for choice. 

So it comes as no surprise that one film company has started to use the island's lush environment to shoot house music videos for some of the biggest names in the game right now.

"We've shot three music videos in Malta so far, videos for Sam Feldt, Mike Williams and Dante Klien. We filmed all over the island, and the artists come to the island for about three days each to shoot the videos," Jack Sharp from Spingun Films told Lovin Malta.

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The three Spinnin' Records' alumni have shot their videos around the island's incredible sights - and judging from some of their shots, they are loving the island. 

Spingun Films say they are all about craft, elegance, charm and simplicity, and their eye for pastel colours and incredible shots sure do make the best use of the Maltese islands natural gifts.

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