WATCH: Former Red Electrick Frontman Releases First Solo Single And It's Perfect Picnic Playlist Material

Great news for people who loved REK's acoustic numbers

One of Malta's favourite bands, Red Electrick, kicked 2018 off by leaving fans devastated when they announced that frontman Matthew James Borg was to step down and pursue another musical path. Meanwhile, busker-turned-hearthrob Joe Roscoe will continue the band's legacy. However, fans of the former REK frontman will be pleased to hear that, barely two months after the announcement, Matt has already released his first single as a solo musician.

The song Memories and accompanying music video takes a more somber approach to some of REK's most popular hits, echoing the band's acoustic numbers which had stolen the hearts of thousands in the last years. And as it turns out, it's not just about the tranquil countryside setting and Matt's soothing voice here. 

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"The song is about running away from the anxieties our present life presents us with and escaping into nature, a place without prejudice and judgement," Matt told Loin Malta. "It’s about freedom from the chains of society and the standards of success it presents us with. The inspiration was literally a tree swaying from side to side, which gave me the tempo of the song."

The video itself also represents that tranquility, barely focusing on the solo musician during his big debut moment. Much like the music video, though, Matt's 2018 is looking like one big collaborative effort. 

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"I'm really looking forward to 2018's projects," he told Lovin Malta. "I now have the freedom to work with various artists like the Big Band Brothers and The Rifffs. Also, songwriting for and producing acts like The Busker, Ivan Filletti and Raquela Dalli Gonzi are projects which are really giving me the musical and spiritual satisfaction I crave for!"

What with spring having just kicked off in Malta, it seems like a perfect time as any other to release 

"I’m taking it day by day," Matt said. "It’s all about doing things with a smile and living in the moment. I can’t be happier with how things are going!"

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