WATCH: 'Kissirtu Kullimkien', Maltese Band's New Single Laments

'This is what we think is more relevant at the moment, and not some happy go lucky fun song for idiots'

Challenging the status quo has always been on Maltese band Mistura's agenda, and their latest offering is definitely another step in that direction.

The band's new single, Tuna Isimkom, sees the four-piece band target the people who they believe are ruining the country with over-development and never-ending construction work.

“Since many of the comments received by our followers are related to the lyrical content of the songs, we wanted to create a lyric video to further accentuate the lyrics," Mistura's Antonio told Lovin Malta. "This will, after all, help us to further deliver the social message behind the song and consequently, behind the new album."

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The single's lyrics definitely don't hold back, with verses like "Dejjem tgħaddi tagħkom", "Kissirtu kullimkien", and a suggestion to have a new monument engraved with the names of these legislators and developers, calling it, "Intom li l-pajjiż ħxejtuh."

But getting on everyone's good books might not necessarily be the first thing on the agenda for the band who want to tell it like it is.

"We don’t really give a shit about popularity, fame, fake likes and even being played on the radio as some sort of favour to the Maltese language," Antonio said. "We don’t give a shit about appearing to be rock’n’roll, hip or trying to change our music to fit into specific market segments that have bigger or better crowds. We don’t do music videos showing off expensive gear and will not go on Xarabank shouting some half-assed opinions and playing a song as a comic distraction. We just like music and have some social issues at heart which we would like to highlight whilst playing the sort of music we like to listen and rock to, hoping enough people will stop and listen."

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Mistura debuted back in 2012 at the L-Għanja tal-Poplu festival.

That night saw them winning the WAFA Award for Best New Talent, definitely acting as the best catapult for six years worth of singles, performances and the run up for this new album which will be released in the coming months.

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