WATCH: Maltese Sisters Nail Their Mashup Cover

These harmonies are everything

If you feel like there's been something missing from your life, it may just be this incredible mashup of Troye Sivan's Talk Me down and LANY's I Love You So Bad by Maltese sisters Ceci Zammit Endrich (of Lovin Lounge fame) and Krissie Zammit Endrich (of adorable printed cards fame) and their friend Mark Galea Salomone.

The duo have also released a stunning Phil Wickam cover earlier this year. Ceci, whose Youtube channelYoutube channel has a number of videos showing off her incredible singing voice, is also working on some original material that we can't wait to hear. 

The process is still in its early stages, but if these clips are anything to go by, the future is bright.

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Chucky Bartolo

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