7 Great Memories Of Malta's Music Scene In The 80s

Time to take a trip down memory lane

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Throughout the years, DJ and TV presenter Alfie Fabri has managed to amass an impressive and priceless collection of memories of Malta throughout the decades. His focus was mostly around the music scene, which he has been a part of for most of his life. Starting off with the 1980s, here are some of our favourite moments he's managed to immortalise.

1. Mike Spiteri as a Maltese Michael Jackson / George Michael hybrid in '87

The VHS-quality video makes the whole thing feel super retro, but the old TVM logo and the 80s synth bassline just continue to add to this effect. If that wasn't enough, Mike Spiteri took it to the next level with the highest waisted leather pants known to man.

2. Paceville's Square in the early 80s

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This snap was taken in 1982. In case you're finding it very difficult to place where this place could be, the photographer was standing round about where the stairs of Burger King in the "Paceville Pjazza" now stand, which would make the tiny house with green doors across the street the ancestor of Plush's shisha lounge. 

And yes, you guessed it, the narrow, dead-end road in between the two buildings is the street of Footloose, Havana and Hugo's 8,634 clubs. 'Things change' is a gross understatement. 

3. The First Rock-A-Buzz Festival 1987

Rock-A-Buzz was a late 80s festival at Kennedy Grove (which also underwent a lot changes throughout the years) that saw some pretty interesting acts hit the stage. DJ Lito and Ivan Filletti's side-project Filletti & Friends, was the resident band for the two years of Rock-A-Buzz. 

The video recently shared by Fabri shows Birkirkara rockers The Unexplained, who are best known for their mention in the book Metal Rules the Globe: Heavy Metal Music Around the World.

4. This impromptu poem about the sea by Ġorġ Aġius

Għana and spirtu pront are still a part of Maltese culture to this very day, but back in the 80s, it seemed like most people bore their heritage with more pride than they do nowadays. Here's Ġorġ Aġius with Baħar Ja Baħar, an impromptu poem about the sea recorded in Valletta in 1988.

5. This festival on Għadira Beach in 1989

Man, it seems like 80s Malta was all about music festivals. Here's a daylong, fundraising one—Swatch for Caritas—held on the beach in Mellieħa, with hundreds of people showing up for what seemed like an awesome day out. The video also features Carlo Borġ Bonaċi talking about the event on TVM's JIG, for bonus nostalgia points.

6. This amazing photo of John Bundy in 1988

Screen Shot 2017 01 17 At 14 30 24

Way before he became the CEO of Malta' PBS, John Bundy was... this. Thank you internet for this moment.

7. MaltaSajf '86... forever

That John Bundy snapshot for 1988 might be the best photo on the internet, but this is definitely the best video. Forever solidified in Maltese internet virality, this 10 minute video captures the authentic 80s music scene in all its youthful (and probably drunk and high) exuberance. 

Alfie Fabri going round and doing his very best to keep his cool while asking stoned AF people questions effectively contributed our the history books more than we could have possibly imagined.

Do you have any great memories of Malta in the 80s? Share them with us and tag someone who remembers the good old days!

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