7 Reasons Why We Should Bring The Ghonnella Back

Glamour + shade = all the sense in the world

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Quick background: the għonnella was Malta's traditional head-wear costume, made up of a hat/shawl combo, usually from dark fabric. It was worn to cover women's heads, framing but not covering their faces. It was stiff at the top and formed a wide arch at with fabric hanging down the side. 

And basically, even though not many of us realise it, the għonnella was chic AF. Here's all the reasons we think it should make a comeback.

1. The actual-shade benefits

Malta experiences serious heat and UV ratings. The għonnella is a practical solution to head-sun-burn, and to those of us who don't have a God-given sunglasses face. 

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2. The social-shade benefits

Shading someone in Malta is a big deal. When you reach that moment where you kind of regret doing it, the għonnella will be the perfect thing to hide behind. 

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3. The endless re-invention potential

Super hot designers like Ritienne Zammit have already put a contemporary spin on this dramatic outfit-typology. We think more of this would be a good thing. 

4. The privacy

Remember that time when you made out with someone and nobody talked about it? No – because that could never happen in Malta. The għonnella would provide you with the privacy armour you've always craved. Plus imagine how steamy it would get in there. 

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5. Optimum rain resistance

All the things you don't do because it's raining? No longer a problem.

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6. Bad-Hair-Day Eradication

With our humidity, the għonnella would benefit everyone. 

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7. The drama

It's not often that we get to enter a room looking like Lady Gaga. We want to be able to do this...

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Do you agree that the għonnella should make a comeback? Let us know in the comments section!

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