Klozet Reborn: Malta's Most Famous Gay Club Is Coming Back Like Never Before

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Memories of the steamy, heady days partying in Klozet in the heart of Paceville may be about to get a fresh lease of life after Malta's most famous LGBT+ friendly club hinted that it would be coming back after being closed down for over half a decade.

April 3rd was when Malta got the first hint at the rebirth of Klozet, after the club's Facebook page uploaded a new image, with the simple phrase "Be Yourself" (which some will remember as the original motto of the mid-noughties club). Days later, an even stronger hint of the return was posted, with Klozet posting a photo of what looked like an updated logo, along with the phrase "The Rebirth".

The posts began ramping up until this morning, when Klozet posted a status for the first time in forever, announcing the new phase of Klozet

"When Klozet Club opened its doors way back in 2006, the nightclub instantly became a sensation in the local nightlife scene," the club said in a statement. "Never before had there been a venue in Malta that was aimed squarely at LGBT individuals, but attracted so many straight ones through its doors at the same time. It was the very first time that a local nightclub had a truly mixed crowd, and there are many locals and foreigners alike who will talk glowingly about their memories of Klozet from years gone by."

The post went on to reminisce on some of the highlights of the club's time, from their favourite DJs to their drag pageants to performances by Ira Losco

"With the likes of Cathy K, Andy Luca and Chunky behind the decks, Klozet’s adoring club kids would dance the night away week after week until the wee hours of the morning without a care in the world," the post continued. "That’s without mentioning the very first Mr Gay Malta pageants to take place on the island being hosted there, as well as the hilariously entertaining Miss Klozet drag pageant that the club also held annually."

"Talking of drag, who can forget those high-energy dance routines performed by the club’s resident drag queen, Lakesiss? Furthermore, the club also saw performances from the who’s-who of the local music scene at the time, from Kristina Casolani, to Ira Losco and everyone in between!"

"Well guess what? It’s time the club came back (at least in spirit - for now)!"

"Welcome to Klozet Malta, the community for all the club-goers, performers, and all who were associated with the club in some way. And to the younger generation of queer club kids, we welcome you with open arms - it’s only right that we show you what you missed out on!"

Details are scarce on the ground right now, but Klozet has hinted that "more info will be coming soon".

Featured Image Screenshots from 2011 compilation videos by local photographer Michelle Sullivan

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