WATCH: This Incredible Video From 1928 Proves Just How Much Malta Has Changed - And Remained The Same

An unearthed 14-minute clip shows how previous Maltese generations lived

Malta may sometimes seem like it's stuck in another time, but an incredible 14-minute video of Malta in 1928 will show you just how far the country's come - and how some things will never change.

Titled 'Eventful Malta', the clip has everything you'd expect from a blast from the Maltese past - għonnella included - while giving insight into how previous generations of Maltese people lived.

Kevin Casha, who uploaded the clip online, gave a bit of background to the film: "A 1928 video of Malta by Alfred Vella Gera. He was a talented photographer and film maker who has left us some fascinating insights of a now disappeared Malta."

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Pictured: The għonnella

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The clip features several scenes, from horse races to boat races to the celebration of Mass

It also goes to show just how much the country has changed in 80 years - and how much has remained the same.

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