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‘One Ball, Two Kids’: Maltese TikToker Luke Lyttleton Opens Up About Life With Testicular Cancer

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Just in time for the end of Movember, People of Malta have shared an interview with famous TikToker and local funnyman Luke Lyttleton on social media, who opened up about his battle with testicular cancer, beginning with the strong words: “one ball, two kids, check your balls”.

On social media, Luke Lyttleton explains how he doesn’t shy away from being “the face” that speaks up for those going through a similar problem.

Clearly, testicular cancer didn’t keep Lyttleton from promoting his funny side and keep him back from becoming one of Malta’s most viral TikTokers, bringing laughter to those stuck inside and occupied in the middle of a pandemic.

Nine years ago, Lyttleton was discovered and got diagnosed with testicular cancer – just six months after getting married.

Lyttleton emphasises the importance of going for a check-up when you feel something isn’t right. 

“I had felt that one of my testicles had hardened significantly. I did not say anything at first because I thought it was nothing. Why should anything like this happen to me?”

He then moves on to express how much he struggled with the thought that he might not be able to have any children.

“I was operated on the very next day. They removed a testicle and I was left with one. My life changed. When I was given the diagnosis that I had cancer my first thought was that I was going to die. My second reaction was: ‘Will I be able to have children?'”

“A thousand thoughts cross your mind. I, who so loved and wished for children of my own.”

Previously, the local funny-man opened up with Lovin Malta about the highs and lows of life – fulfilling his dream of having children, his viral Tiktok videos and his experience battling testicular cancer last year.

During the interview with Lovin Malta, he explained how today he is “a father of two, the eldest was born three years later and is now five years old, and another two year old.”

“I remember the immense joy I felt when my wife told me she was pregnant. It was such an indescribable feeling. When our first child was born I just could not let her go.”

Lyttleton concludes by saying that fortunately, his story had a happy ending and his cancer is has been removed – however, he talks about how he intends to carry on “contributing to society by raising awareness and that although I have only one testicle, I still have children”.

While also making an “appeal to men to check their testicles often and if they notice any changes to immediately check them out. There is nothing to be ashamed of. The Marigold Foundation – Malta supports testicular cancer sufferers.”

“Between the age of fourteen and forty-nine, one should check their testicles regularly. Do not let it be too late. Not only in November but all year round.”

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