Get Excited: @DogsOfMalta Is Now Officially A Thing

You know what your days needs? More puppies!

Pups Cover

Way back in April we prayed for this to become a thing, and the internet has (thankfully) answered.

No matter how busy you're pretending to be, stop what you're doing and go follow @DogsOfMalta. Trust us, it's the best thing you'll do all week.

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This is honestly the best thing we've seen all week

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And we need you to keep tagging @DogsOfMalta in all the photos of your pups

Cos we want an endless pooch parade

And this whole page is wholesome and pure


Tag a friend who shares the best snaps of their pooch

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Chucky Bartolo

When he's not writing for Lovin Malta, Chucky spends his time talking puppies, politics, and pop stars (read: Mariah Carey); complete with unnecessarily melodramatic facial expressions.