Maltese Politicians Paired With Their Perfect Dog Breed

Some of them look really ruff...


Dogs. We all love them. Politicians. We all... well, love to hate them. 

So naturally the comparisons between the two was bound to happen at some point. Here are Maltese politicians, and their pup equivalent!

1. Joseph Muscat / Cavalier King Charles

Joseph Muscat

The Cavalier King Charles is loved by many, but can give a nasty bite...

2. Simon Busuttil / Chinese Crested

Simon Busuttil

The Chinese Crested's unconventional looks are disliked by many, but those who love it will always hold it particularly dear.

3. Francis Zammit Dimech / Boston Terrier

Francis Zammit Dimech

The Boston terrier is a generally unappreciated, but cheerful breed.

4. Helena Dalli / Irish Setter

Helena Dalli

The Irish Setter's nose is excellent at sniffing out the underdog, which is perfect for the Minister for Social Dialogue and Civil Liberties.

5. Deo Debattista / Chihuahua 

Deo Debattista

The chihuahua is a small breed, but it can be noisy and annoying.

6. Dom Mintoff / Dogue de Bordeaux

Dom Mintoff

Once the Dogue de Bordeaux sinks its teeth into something, it will never let go.

7. George Pullicino / Pug 

George Pullicino

The pug is a friendly breed, but beware of overfeeding...

8. Kristy Debono / Afghan Hound

Kristy Debono

The Afghan hound's long locks make it many an owner's first preference.

9. Owen Bonnici / Bichon Frise

Owen Bonnici

The Bichon Frise is invariably loyal to its owner, whatever wrongs he may be accused of...

Bonus: Carmel Cacopardo / An owl

Carmel Cacopardo

Tu-whit. Tu-whoo.

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