13 Maltese Politicians Reimagined As Disney Villains

"Yes our teeth and ambitions are bared..."

Austin Gatt Herc

Nothing sets off our nostalgia glands quite like the cartoons of our childhood, after all "we love the Disney". But for every hero we saw on screen, there was an antagonist foiling their every move - and in the eyes of many Maltese, there are no villains greater than our politicians.

1. Norman Lowell - Scar 

The Lion King

Alternating between graceful charm (and a tendency to swap between languages) and pure rage at the drop of a hate... err I mean hat.

Norman Scar

2. Konrad Mizzi - Prince John 

Robin Hood

Let's be real here, their laughs are basically identical.

Konrad Prince John

3. Lawrence Gonzi - Frollo 

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Poised and sober, with a tendency to skew towards more conservative values.

Gonzi Frollo

4. Justyne Caruana - Cruella Deville

101 Dalmations

When the anger is real... it's very real.

Justine Cruella

5. Austin Gatt - Hades


I'm not even sure this one requires a caption, but in case it does - watch Hades in action, and then check out the classic "ghamilna pipi".

Austin Gatt Herc

6. Natius Farrugia - Ursula

The Little Mermaid

Fab to the core, and let's be real - which Disney villain would love the Eurovision as much as Ursula?

Natius Ursula 2

7. Franco Debono - Jafar


If screaming "you will make me sultan!!" and carrying around a pappagall doesn't spell out Franco Debono, we're not sure what does.

Franco Jafar

8. Marlene Farrugia - Yzma

The Emperors New Groove

A close adviser of the emperor, who decided he wasn't really that great at his job and that she could definitely do better - Yzma's part in 'The Emperors New Groove' and kinda the trajectory of the orange party.

Marlene Yzma

9. Therese Comodini Cachia, Miriam Dalli & Roberta Metsola - Step Sisters


Does that make Schulz Prince Charming?

Mep Step Sisters

10. Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando - Gaston

Beauty and the Beast

"No one... fights like Gaston" ♫

Jeff Gaston

11. Carmel Cacopardo - Madam Mim

The Sword in the Stone

We'll just leave this one here...

Cacopardo Mim

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Written By

Chucky Bartolo

If there's no Mariah Carey GIF or reference to Eurovision in this article, just assume they've been edited out against my will.