Superstar Doggos: Adorable Maltese Dog Family Become First Local Pets To Receive Massive YouTube Honour

Shiro Suki and their furry babies keep breaking hearts and records

Shiro Suki You Tube Play Button

Ten years and 32 million views later, Malta's favourite dog family has just made local YouTube history.

Shibainu Shiro Suki, a four-dog family of beautiful Shiba Inus, have become the first Maltese pets to receive a YouTube Silver Play Button

"First milestone reached," their loving owner Oliver Tabone announced on Facebook earlier today. "Now to the next!"

YouTube Silver Play Buttons are awarded when accounts get 100,000 subscribers.

Shiro and Suki's YouTube account has been growing at such a large rate, that by the time they were snapped posing with their Silver Play Button, they were already at 124,000 subscribers... a quarter of their way to getting their second Silver Play Button.

Elsewhere on social media, the Maltese dogs continue to break hearts and get a massive following, with over 25,000 followers on Facebook and another 20,000 on Instagram.

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Images from Shiro Suki's Instagram account

This one particular video has amassed over 2.7 million views on YouTube in just over a year

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