Ta' Qali Dog Park Flooded This Morning And Made For One Impressive (And Super Adorable) Photo

The furry couple sure look like they were having the time of their lives


Following the heavy thunderstorm that hit the islands overnight, multiple cases of flooding were reported all around Malta. And at Ta' Qali in particular, one impressive shot of the floods' extents also happened to be the most adorable.

Taking to the popular picnic area and dog park by the national stadium, Instagram dog duo Bailey and Whiskey were spotted standing on one of the wooden tables at Ta' Qali.

And in between them being absolutely drenched and their overjoyed expressions, the photo had us constantly gravitate between "Oh wow that's a shocking amount of water" to nearly incoherent bouts of "Ħaniiiini".

This isn't the first time that Bailey and Whiskey got their paws wet and dirty, but in between this morning's impressive flooding and this latest photo's composition, this might just be the pair's best upload to date.

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David Grech Urpani

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