Explosions In The Sky: Some Of The Most Dramatic Shots From Last Night's Thunderstorm Over Malta

The impressive lightning show was also hella loud


Thunder and lightning have been frequently hitting the Maltese islands over the last couple of weeks, but last night's storm turned out to be one of the most dramatic - and loudest - shows of force from Mother Nature in quite some time.

As people tucked themselves in ahead of another week of work, heavy rain gave way to a crackling thunderstorm that lasted well beyond many's bedtime. But that didn't stop some of the island's most avid photographers from taking to the streets to capture the thunderstorm.

Here are some of the most impressive Instagram shots from an overnight storm that'll have many people talking this morning.

1. Valletta continued to be a gorgeous backdrop for dramatic shots like this...

2. ... and the Grand Harbour proved to be the best reflection of the menacing crowds

2. Photographers took to Gżira and Sliema to take shots of the capital from different angles

3. In between the bouts of pitch black, the sky was frequently and completely lit up by the lightning

4. Some of the photos looked like the poster of a horror film

5. Or even a sci-fi masterpiece

6. Some lightning strikes made Malta look like it was either experiencing a second morning or some diving intervention

Do you have other shots from last night's storm? Share them in the comments below and tag someone who managed to sleep through it all!

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