This Maltese Woman's Adorable Act Landed Her In Trouble With The Authorities


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Alison Bezzina is one of Malta's biggest animal lovers. She's an animal activist who has written in favour of critters of all shapes and sizes for years now, and absolutely adores her dog Suki. This lead her to design her own tiny private balcony for her four-legged friend, which comes with a private ramp and is the cutest thing ever. 

So you can imagine her surprise when she returned from a walk with Suki earlier this week to find two Animal Welfare officers in front of her house. "I automatically assumed that I was about to see an injured animal somewhere," Alison explained, since she's been called to the aid of other animals on multiple occasions. "It turns out they were looking for me because someone had reported me for possible animal cruelty!"

Seeing Suki's private balcony from the street, some people were unable to tell whether it was a closed cage on all sides or not. "Rightly so, they called animal welfare saying that they see a dog in that cage on a regular basis," Alison said.

As Alison said, the whole incident is actually funny not just because of the queen's treatment that Suki actually receives on a daily basis, but also because of Alison's non-stop love for and work with animals. 

The officers were reportedly very knowledgable, receptive and friendly. "We had a laugh, and they reported me for cruelty by over-pampering," she joked. "We also had a chat about other big animal welfare issues." 

We'd like to second Alison in congratulating the people who reported the incident due to any initial suspicion, and of course Animal Welfare for responding so promptly. 

If you see any case of possible animal cruelty, we urge you to report it to the Animal Welfare Department on 1717.

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