WATCH: Maltese Surfing Dog Keeps Our Love For Summer Alive

He's especially fond of Ghadira Bay

There's a new wave master in town, and some are saying he isn't exactly human.

Three-year-old Thor made a splash on social media when he was filmed surfing solo in Ghadira Bay. As casual as anything, Thor cruised towards the beach on his large surf board, to the delight of people nearby.

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Thor is an Italian Mastiff, a breed known for it's intelligence and "guardianship", which made it easy for owner Godfrey Abela to teach him to surf. That said, seeing him surf alone was still emotional for him, with Mr. Abela commenting with "My boy surfing alone...So proud of him."

"Everybody was admiring him and taking pictures," Mr Abela also pointed proudly.

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Mr. Abela, who refers to Thor as "my shadow", is just as loyal to his dog as Thor is to him.

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And it's not only summer sports that Thor is interested in - he just loves to get out and play, whatever the weather.

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