Beautiful Maltese Stores To Help You Up Your Interior Design Game

These tiny knick knacks can go a really long way

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Maltese people put a lot of time and effort into decorating their houses. But while big pieces of furniture and differently-coloured feature walls might be the first things that draw attention, it's usually the tiny, beautiful and quirky knick knacks that help make a house a home.

If you know something's kind of missing but are stuck on where to begin, here are some beautiful Maltese stores that can really help your dwelling go that extra mile.

1. Loft

If you love the finer things in life, this is a definitely one to keep on your radar. This Naxxar shop has a couple of great items if you're into beautiful, dark items with a mix of modern and wooden finishes. 

If you want to spice things up with a quirky item, consider yourself sorted.

2. Butlers

There's a very good reason this German brand has stood the test of time for the last two decades. With more than 160 stores all throughout Europe, Butlers is just as popular in Malta.

Some of the brand's most popular items, especially their fantastic kitchenware, is available at their Sliema outlet.

3. Flying Tiger

Next door to Butlers is another internationally-famous store with a very different vibe.

Tiger might be all about super affordable (read: unbelievably cheap) items, but the Scandinavian brand's items can really help that any Maltese room into the next, adorable level. 

If you're going for a clean and cute IKEA vibe, Tiger might provide the shot of colour you've been looking for.

4. The Atrium

Much like Homemate up the road, The Atrium is the first destination for thousands of Maltese people looking for some home decor.

The huge Imrieħel showroom has everything from bulb replacements to entire rooms up for sale, so it's very easy to see why this store is so popular in Malta.

5. Camilleri Paris Mode

One of the biggest names in luxury home decor on the island, Camilleri Paris offers up some truly exquisite items.

The Camilleri family was founded all the way back in 1890, so competitors of this interior design and project department have over a century to make up for.

Their Sliema and Rabat outlets offer some of the coolest contemporary pieces, from spiked bowls to sculptures with nail-wings.

6. Pallet 42

If you're more into DIY, custom pieces, this Maltese company takes wooden pallets to a whole new level.

The philosophy behind the team is devilishly simple; building unique, long-lasting furniture and fittings by upcycling pallets and other materials. 

And whether it's an outdoor sofa, kitchen cupboard, unique wall piece or actual wine rack, Pallet 42 has got the customised furniture for you.

7. Eclecticist

As the name implies, this Attard store is all about the weird and wonderful.

The Eclecticist's stock really is as eclectic as they get, offering up retro children's toys, beautiful fabric speakers, and random pieces of furniture that architectures will pine over.

They've even got some cool watches and headphones up for sale, just in case you want to make yourself look as great as your house. 

8. NO.ME

An alternative heart needs an alternative home.

If you're into dark pieces of furniture mixed with slabs of concrete and unique pieces of contemporary design, we might've just found your new favourite Maltese studio.

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