Marsascala Local Council Opposes Demolition Of Town's Oldest Building

They're not having any of it

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A Planning Authority decision to allow the demolition of one of the oldest buildings in Marsascala has found strong objection from the town's Local Council. In fact, all the Marsascala councillors have agreed to file an appeal against the PA decision, claiming that the building is a historically vital part of the Marsascala waterfront.

The building, which has stood for more than 100 years, is currently not in the best of conditions. A number of residents have called for its preservation over the years, but if this latest PA decision goes through, a restaurant and a single residence with a distinctly more modern architectural style will be replacing it. 

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The demolition was also given clearance by the Superintendent for Cultural Heritage, with the Planning Directorate stating that the current building had "no intrinsic architectural value. One of the facades of the building lies in a development zone, while another side is within the village's Urban Conservation Area.

"We cannot understand the reason why the Superintendent of Culture Heritage, the case officer and the Planning Authority gave the green light for such a historic building," the Local Council said in a statement.

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