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A New Maltese Board Game Is About To Drop Just In Time For Christmas Shopping

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A new Maltese board game has everyone doing what they love most on the island, driving around and running errands.

MALTOPJA is the latest Maltese board game which is about to be released by BDL books on December 2nd…and, honestly,  it looks like a world of fun.

Somewhere between Game of Life and Crazy Taxi, MALTOPJA requires you to drive around Malta and do chores within a specific time frame.  The choice of your vehicle and the road you take will help or hinder your time… and if you know Malta, there can be a lot of hindrances that can slow you down.

Instead of fussing and stressing out about your real-life chores, you can instead do it in the world of Maltopja. You might even be stopped by a warden for double parking…

The game doesn’t drop until the 2nd of December but it might be worth waiting until Christmas to introduce this game to your family.

At just €40, Maltopja is the perfect Christmas gift for any Maltese out there.

You can purchase the game the board game from all stationery, bookshops, Agenda, 8 Till Late, toy shops and, of course, BDL Books in ’San Ġwann

Or if you don’t feel like moving from the coach this Christmas, order it online here, and get free shipping!

Tag someone who should add Maltopja to their Christmas list!

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