Malta Is Hosting A 2022 Euro Handball Qualifiers Tournament This Weekend... And We Have Three Matches To Win

You can even go watch Malta hopefully trash the competition for free

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This weekend, Maltese handball returned. It returned in all its glory, with the competition tighter than ever. And with some stiff competition coming from beyond our shores, Malta could soon end up joining one of the sport's biggest competitions on the continent.

In a tournament being held in Malta this weekend, the national team could end up qualifying for the European Handball Federation Euro 2022 Qualifier Tournament.

Why are these round of matches any different?

This weekend the Maltese National Team is playing for the Euro 2022 Qualifier Tournament against Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Cyprus. These are three very strong teams that Malta needs to play against, but if we win then we'll progress to the next round.

Which is a pretty huge deal in Malta.

Keep in mind that these are three countries with longer handball histories than Malta. After all, handball only started in Malta in 1995.

“The most important thing is to give them a run for their money, and maybe we can even surprise Azerbaijan," confident handball coach Orlando Bonnici said.

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The is the full schedule for the European Handball Qualifiers Malta 2019

Come in; it’s free

Yes, the games are entirely free and they’re all played at Cottonera Sports Hall.

“It will be a good opportunity to treat the maltese public to high level handball games here in Malta,” Orlando Bonnici told Lovin Malta.

It's a pretty fast-paced sport, and one where our country could end up rewriting this sport's history. So show your support to the local handball scene and a grab a group of friends to go and watch Malta play against international teams this weekend!

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