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One Of The Only People To Ever Knock Mike Tyson Out Is Coming To Malta To Fight

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As if the upcoming Fight Island wasn’t already getting set up to be the biggest boxing fight event in Maltese history, one more massive name has been added to the bill that will make sure it is.

Danny Williams, a British heavyweight who back in 2004 went from being an underdog “fall guy” to one of the only people to ever knock out “Iron” Mike Tyson, is coming to Malta… and he’s fighting a hopeful based right here on the islands!

Faris Lukovic, a fierce fighter out of Malta originally from Bosnia & Herzegovina, will be squaring up against Williams in an exhibition fight which will definitely be an unmissable moment next month.

But even with all of that on the cards, that’s still just the tip of the iceberg for Fight Island, with a Super Title Fight seeing friends-turned-rivals battling for the National Title.


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From the get go, the night has not shied away from advertising the highlight fight between Super Steve Martin and Super Scott Dixon, a 12-round belter which will hit Ta’ Qali’s Basketball Pavillion on Friday 31st May.

The night will also feature the debut of Andriy John and Scott ‘Flakey’ Schembri, two content creators who kicked off 2024 by challenging themselves to become professional boxers by the end of the year. Scott will be fighting Shayon Spiteri, while Andriy will have to deal with Libya’s Nizar Gweleg.

Also featuring on the fight card is Christian ‘iċ-Ċoqqos’ Schembri, a local champion who has made his name known as a force to be reckoned with (not to mention a vegan activist). He will be fighting the UK’s Kearon Thomas, with two more professional fights seeing Yannis Magro take on Jack Jones and Clara Bezzina fight Chloe Smith.

Tickets for the event can be found here.

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