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Someone Called Out This Maltese Store For Rip-Off PS5 Prices And Things Got Very, Very Weird

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A Maltese electronics store has found itself at the centre of an online storm after calling out people who criticised it for selling PS5s for €1,000.

It all started when a man called Andrew left a negative review on Cash Buyers’ Facebook page for selling PS5s for €1,000, which is double their market value as stated on the official PlayStation website.

“Would not recommend for PS5, scalpers are the worst,” he wrote.

A month later, Cash Buyers’s official page responded to the review with this stinging comment: “So are fat, overweight men . Please look in the mirror, Andrew fatty boy!”

Andrew then publicly called out the store for their unprofessional response to criticism.

“Not served by Cash Buyers, this business if you can even call it that is unable to professionally respond to criticism,” he said.

“I left a negative review because they’re purposefully selling €399/499 items which are in limited supply for €1k a pop. That’s another can of worms which isn’t what this post is focusing on.”

“They went out of their way to reply to my review after practically a month just to dish out personal insults.”

Unsurprisingly, Andrew’s post went viral, prompting a flurry of more negative reviews on Cash Buyers’ page, calling them out for fat shaming.

Cash Buyers eventually issued a statement, apologising for the comment but saying it was made by a staff member who was fired last Friday but who still had access to their Facebook page.

“The administration team has just been made aware of this now since it is a Sunday,” it said.

“Mr Andrew was contacted last December when his initial comment was made and as you could check and go though our comment we had politely commented back and took it upon ourselves to encourage that a person asks why before making accusations.”

“Now we know that this reflects badly on our business even though we are very sorry for the comment that was made, we have had to deal with it in house.”

“We are an open minded business which caters with and to all genders, colour, religion and people in general. Why would we comment on a post which was dealt with over four weeks ago if not someone to cause harm in house.”

“Please try and understand that internal turmoil and backlash happens, we do not appreciate fake reviews from people who have never been to one of our outlets, once again ask why and how before judging.”

However, things were about to escalate even further…

Largely mobilised by the popular meme group Pastizziposting, several people took aim at Cash Buyers under their post.

“I know times are hard with Covid and all, but I didn’t know eleven year-olds could legally run a business,” one person quipped.

“Future generations will learn about this in a topic called ‘how not to run your business’,” someone else remarked.

The person or people behind the Cash Buyers page seemed determined to defend their prices and aim some zingers at naysayers. 

“Be informed about what you are speaking because right now you just seem like someone that’s upset coz he’s too broke to afford a PS5,” it told one person.

“Sorry mate but we can’t help that. May we advice you find some kid of employment or at the very least the appropriate amount of funds,” it told another. “PS5’s are a GRAND if you don’t like it it’s very simple. YOU STAY CLEAR MATE!!”

“Yes, we are selling them for double the price and have sold more than 245 and will continue to sell them at double the price,” it said in full caps lock. “We also understand that you cannot afford it, nor do you know our cost price. What you are doing right now is demonstrating just how ‘great’ and beneficial the Maltese education system really is!”

And the battle between store and critics continued in the review section, with exchanges such as this…

And this…

And even this…

Wall Street brokers realised the power of global online communities to their peril when they tried to short Gamestop, and now Maltese online communities have shown another gaming store that it can work both ways.

In a matter of moments, the Maltese store has risen from being just another electronics store to becoming an early contender for the country’s meme of the year.

What do you make of this storm?

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