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The 5 Stages Of Yesterday’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations In St. Julian’s

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St. Patrick’s Day has gradually become one of the most important days for Maltese revellers, and yesterday saw thousands of people heading to St. Julian’s for a very long day of merriment. 

Here are the five stages that the celebrations went through over the long day, as perfectly described by Instagram shots.

1. The calm before the storm

You could feel it in the air, the tension was electric. People were either busy getting ready for a day of partying ahead, or busy getting out of the area to be as far away from it all as physically possible.

2. People started pouring in very early

The sun was still up, but people were already flocking to the area. Some even took a whole day off work to make sure they’re not late to the party. 

And for the first part, all of St. Julian’s, particularly the area in front of Tigullio, was just a small crowd of smiling faces and fresh selfies.

3. As the sun went down, so did the beer

And now, a proper crowd was rapidly building. Reports of traffic jams started coming in more regularly, and queues for the bars started getting longer and longer. 

4. “Is this a mass meeting?”

Screen Shot 2017 03 18 At 11 05 24

The point of no return; a sea of people as far as the eye can see, dotted with green hats. Many people had been there since the early hours of the afternoon, but many more had just arrived after work.

In the distance, barely visible to anyone except those in the front rows, a DJ was dropping a Gigi D’Agostino track to a crowd of people magically still on their feet.

5. The post-apocalyptic aftermath

Screen Shot 2017 03 18 At 11 12 39

Photo by Marie-Claire Grima

Screen Shot 2017 03 18 At 11 04 51

After more than eight hours of partying, most of St. Julian’s was transformed into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Our hats off to the unsung heroes who woke up this morning to clean up the whole mess.

BONUS: There’s a lesson for everyone in here…

While thousands of people might have had the night (or day) of their lives yesterday, the residents woke up to a very different scene. 

Expenses are being incurred, and the aftermath is not a desirable one. Let’s try to push for more communication between establishments and local councils, and a more responsible way of celebrating days like this.

Tag a friend who took part in this year’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

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