Best Places In Malta To Cure Your Hangover

Just in case you're still recovering from the weekend

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Just in case you have some residue hangover to deal with this weekend and you can't come  up with any more excuses and need to get up and go, here's where we reckon you need to go:

1. Dr. Juice

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Before we get into the oily comfort food, we should probably kick things off with a bit of a healthy hangover aid. Dr. Juice have their own special recipes for fighting off the remnants of a heavy weekend, as well as waging war on the dreaded man flu.

2. Bavarian Sausage

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The legendary authentic Bratwurst hot dog stand might have very well been a lot of people's earliest introduction to great street food in Malta, and with the craze now on overdrive, the German brothers' venture still tops many's lists. Getting one of their jumbo hot dogs doesn't really need any context or excuse, but we'll gladly use the hangover card here. 

3. Fat Harry's

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If a (very generous) helping of English Breakfast is what you're looking for, then Fat Harry's should definitely top your list. While you're at it, there are quite a lot of hangouts in Buġibba that can either cure a hangover, or give you one!

4. Champs

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Eating a greasy meal may not be an officially proven method of curing a hangover, it sure as heck is a satisfying placebo. And if it's good and greasy that you're looking for, it doesn't get any better than a pizza from Champs, stuffed into a paper bag dripping with oil. 

5. Andrew's Snack Bar

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Hailed as having some of the best ftiras and lasagnes on the island (and for a ridiculously cheap price), Andrew's in Birkirkara is one of those places that will actually have you looking forward to waking up with a pounding headache, if only to wash it down with a healthy portion (or five) of traditional Maltese food.

6. New York Best 

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Malta's beastly eatery offers a pretty long list of things that should get rid of that hangover (basically every single item on their menu), but nothing quite does the trick like a huge burger you can barely hold with one hand. 

7. Ta' Rita

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One of the best places to go to in Siġġiewi, Lapsi View Restaurant is one of those perfect places for Sunday lunch - which makes the probability of someone finding themselves there while hungover double.  Be sure to make the most out of the view and the fresh air (and of course the amazing food now synonymous with Ta' Rita) to get that nagging nausea a thing of the past.

8. Molly's Cafe

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All people want when they're hungover is some peace, quiet and (if possible) some TLC. That's where Molly's sweet treats come to the rescue. 

9. Serkin

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Never can anyone proposing a list of places to go for a hangover cure not mention Crystal Palace in Rabat. If they don't mention it, don't trust them. Pastizzi are a vital part of everyday Maltese life, and a hangover is just one of the hundreds of scenarios that merit a couple. 

BONUS: Last weekend's leftovers

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Let's face it - you've got at least a couple of boxes worth of leftovers just lying in the fridge, and everyone knows small cold bites of yesterday's lunch beat the real thing by miles. So go ahead and indulge before your healthy resolutions properly kick in - this doesn't count yet does it?!

Where do you go to cure your hangover? Tell us in the comments and tag someone who still needs to get back on their feet after the holidays!

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