16 Awesome Places To Chill In Mosta

So much to do, so little time!

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After taking you through all the things you can do in Buġibba and then Rabat, it was inevitable that we'd look at the central behemoth that is Mosta. We've explained why the Rotunda's hometown is pretty fucking awesome, but this time we're giving you 16 places to enjoy just being in the town.

1. Molly's Cafe

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You know you've made it when the experience of going to your establishment is a national meme. And with pancakes like this Milky Way beauty, we totally get it. #justmollythings

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2. Olympic Bar (Xufi)

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Situated in the very heart of Mosta, this establishment has been open for over 50 years and is considered a landmark for the town. Great value for money for any type of hangout mode—be it a simple coffee and pastizzi or dining there—but we'd recommend their ftajjar biż-żejt.

3. Il Vecchio Forno Wine Bar

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It seems like every town now has its staple great wine bars, and Il Forno is definitely one of Mosta's best offerings. Perfect for catching up with friends or for a romantic night out, Il Forno's extensive selection of wines isn't the only thing it's go to offer. The place also offers some of the best pizza this side of the island. Don't believe us? Look at this:

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4. Billiard Hall

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This is how you spell local. Cheap prices, surprisingly good homemade food, a generous offering of finger foods, a pint or six, and a couple of pool tables at the back. 

5. San Remo Bar

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There's something very ironically Maltese about a place that shares its name with something people would watch on Italian TV in the 90s. Another central bar with enough of a good vibe to keep you coming for a beer or a bottle of wine on cold winter nights.

6. The Cake Box

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To further solidify the fact that pastry shops with healthy savoury eats are one of the most famous things in Malta right now, The Cake Box opened its Mosta branch this June, and it become a classic Mosta favourite from day one. Perfect for when you want your hangout to turn into a guilty pleasure marathon.

7. Mellows Cafe' Art

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They might have a fully-fledged restaurant-sized food menu, but their coffee is where it's at! Custom Lovin Malta logo coffee, anyone?

8. Is-City 

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Because "City Bar" wouldn't sound Maltese enough. Always busy, always teeming with banter, and about 25 steps away from the main square, this one looks like it's here to stay. 

9. Gianluca's Ristorante e Pizzeria (Mosta Football Club)

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Local football clubs are always very famous in Malta, but here's one way to properly spice it up. A pizzeria that claims it's got the best pizza in town... mostly because hundreds of people keep saying it.

10. MARIE Gallery5

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Mosta has a couple of art shops all metres away from each other in the main road leading out of the square, so it was inevitable for at least a couple of art galleries to pop up. Hailing itself as a voice for artists, this gallery's central location is a perfect art hub for Malta.

11. Horse Shoe Bar

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We keep getting more and more evidence pointing to the fact that Mosta is filled to the brim with these quaint and extremely cosy haunts. The Horse Shoe, with its over-the-top horse-themed interior decorations and very generous helpings of homemade food, is definitely one of them.

12. Coffee Circus

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People who have been here don't just say they had good coffee. They say it's the best coffee in Malta. And with the insane amount of detail and passion that they pull off on their social media, we're not surprised that the quality of the Coffee Circus is second to none!

Screen Shot 2016 11 21 At 12 31 37

13. The Lord Nelson 

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A restaurant so flawlessly fabulous that going there is already a whole night out in and of itself. An award-winning hangout for when a simple każin just won't cut it.

14. Ta' Duminka

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Even though Mosta is one of the biggest towns in Malta, all these hangouts are pretty much a stone's throw away from each other. Ta' Duminka is another extremely central wine bar / restaurant hybrid that's just been awarded the 2016 Certificate of Excellence, and with plates like this, it's easy to see why. 

Screen Shot 2016 11 21 At 12 39 56

15. Pjazza Cafe

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A staple cafe in as central of a location as you can without being the actual Rotunda itself. Home of treats that have stood the test of time and a hangout that will probably outlive us all. 

16. Razzett l-Aħmar / Badass Burgers

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Last, but absolutely not least. A place for amazing gourmet burgers by day / evening, and one of the best music venues by night. A great hangout in the limits of Mosta that, once filled to the brim upstairs and downstairs, is guaranteed to provide one of the best nights out ever. 

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Which is your favourite Mosta hangout we didn't mention? Let us know in the comments!

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