A Belgian Explorer, A British Activist And A Swedish-Maltese Family Are Heading To Gozo For A Massive Cleanup Tomorrow

An International Cleanup Association has been set up, and its roots are right here in Malta

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Remember Camilla Appelgren? The Swedish-Maltese activist and her family took the island by storm last year with the dozens of cleanup initiatives they organised all around Malta. 2018 is already off to a great start, with Appelgren being joined by two celebrities in the activist world for her upcoming Gozo cleanup tomorrow.

Louis-Philippe Loncke, a Belgian explorer and motivational speaker has had his fair share of adventures. In 2008, he was the first man to cross the entire length of Australia's Simpson Desert on foot. Four years ago at the European Parliament, he was appointed as the Jane Goodall Institute Knight for Youth, Animals and Plants in the Order of the Iguana. Two years ago, at the ISPO fair in Munich, he was awarded the European Adventurer of the Year.

Rob Stevenson, on the other hand, is changing things up in Cornwall. Founding the NGO Beach Guardian, Stevenson has been tirelessly organising beach cleanups around the area, making sure the southwestern tip of the United Kingdom gets its own TLC.

And of course, then there's Camilla. The Swedish-Maltese activist recently founded the International Cleanup Association, and she's already managed to bring together 80 different founders from across the entire globe. Loncke and Stevenson accepted her invitation to meet in Malta for the first gathering of the ICA, and the island's first cleanup of the year will coincide with the trio taking to Gozo.

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Louis-Philippe Loncke in the Simpson Desert, just chilling

Stevenson landed in Malta yesterday and Loncke arrived this morning, but they didn't waste any time getting their hands dirty.

"Rob has already started going round the island helping in cleanups, and the two went diving for debris this morning at 8," Camilla told Lovin Malta. The trio met up with a Maltese diving instructor friend and quickly went to work.

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Camilla had teased her mystery guests on her own local community Malta Clean Up, which has now exceeded 4,000 members.

Anyone is free to join the Gozo cleanup tomorrow morning, but it's advisable to stay tuned on the Facebook group since no strict plan is yet in place. "But we're up for meeting and joining anyone in Gozo during the day," Camilla told Lovin Malta. "We'll be cleaning up several areas where bins are around, so expect us anywhere!"

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