Films, Art And Drunk People On A Boat: Here's All The Things You Can Do This Easter Weekend In Malta

Cinema, Culture and Coronas? Sounds like a cracking good time!

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Easter weekend is fast approaching, so we've compiled a variety of ways you can enjoy your extended weekend right here in Malta. Don't worry, they aren't all pastel and bunny themed... though some of them are!

Friday April 19th

1. A night at the museum... with a twist

We all know that museum visits can be extremely boring at times, so why don't you watch one come to life and narrate its history? Well, The Prado Museum: A Collection of Wonders is a film that does just that.

All my fellow art and history nerds can enjoy two exclusive showings of this film made to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the world-renowned Spanish museum, The Prado Museum.

Prado Museum

2. How about a party?

Specifically a party on a boat, while the sun sets over the horizons of Comino?

Breathe in the ocean air, enjoy the serene sights, and listen to the glorious sounds of techno beats and drunk people having an absolute blast.

The party includes snacks, an open bar and even a two-hour stop in Comino for a late night dip in the beautiful Blue Lagoon. Oh, and did I mention the open bar?

3. A local exhibition of Chinese culture and art

A group of local artists have curated a collection of artworks inspired by Chinese culture and traditions. Aptly called Inspired in China, the exhibition has been open for a while, but we still think it's a great way to spend your time this weekend. And you can learn about a new culture because diversity is important dammit!

Chinese Exhibition

4. Cinema under the stars

It's Open Air Cinema Week and there are four great movies being shown depending on which day you go, but in the spirit of cinema, I won't spoil which films are on offer until you visit their page... just be aware that they're great!

Films will be shown from Friday 19th to Monday 22nd April so book your tickets right away.

Outdoor Cinema Weel

Saturday April 20th

5. It's slime time! (Yes, I felt dirty writing that)

But it's Easter-themed and intended for children, so the wholesomeness of that counteracts my cold dead heart.

Going back to the slime, the Easter Bunny Paint & Slime Event is an adorable Easter event for children who enjoy colours, crafts and of course, slime!

6. It's time for a lesson in indie music... and style

Spots & Stripes is the perfect place to practice.

With a mixture of alternative and classic bangers from amazing local DJs, this party is really set apart by its choice of dress code, which is, unsuprisingly, spotted or stripped clothing.

7. Let's get gay!

... and bi, and trans, and pan, and everything else, because again, diversity is important dammit! And with the first ever international LGBTIQ+ party arriving in Malta, diversity is exactly what we're getting.

The Olympus World Tour has come to the Aria Complex this Easter Saturday with both local and international artists and dancers showcasing their talents for our very queer hearts.

Sunday 21st April

8. It's Easter Sunday, so how about a classic Easter Egg Hunt?

Bouncy Castles, face painting, crafts... Everything children need to make a massive adorable mess. Hosted by the Valletta Waterfront this is sure to be a memorable Easter for you and your kids!

The hunt for younger children aged 3 to 5 will take place from 2:45pm to 3:30pm while kids of 6 to 12 years old will be able to participate from 3:45pm onwards. Oh, and did I mention that all the activities I mentioned were free?

Screenshot 2019 04 16 At 16 21 12

9. Not that your kids have had fun, it's Party Time!

And what better way to spend an Easter Sunday then at Blade, the Easter party that's expected to be absolutely amazing. Local talents, special guests and a four hour set from the man, the myth, the legend: Daniel Blade himself.

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Simon Zammit