WATCH: Instagram Stars Show What The Ultimate Maltese Adventure Should Look Like

The 'Bucket List Family' know how to have a good time!

Despite having never heard of Malta before seeing one of Kurt Arrigo's beautiful shots, the Bucket List Family have absolutely nailed their Maltese adventure. From Popeye's Village, to the underwater caves of Gozo, no Instagrammable destination was left unexplored.

Taking all three islands by storm, the family packed as many visits as they could during their week-long stay. Malta is the 50th stop on their long list - a list that started after Snapchat bought out Garrett Gee's startup, and he became an overnight millionaire, living out the dream of seeing the world with his family.

We're glad they enjoyed their stay and made an awesome video with great advice for foreigners looking for adventure here, or locals looking to rediscover their own home!

Where would you travel to if you became an overnight millionaire? Let us know in the comments on Facebook!

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