Sophia, The World's First Robot Citizen, To Address Malta Blockchain Summit This November

The three-year-old robot is coming to the island


Eerily lifelike humanoid robot Sophia was developed by a Hong-Kong based firm and was activated in 2015, making her first public appearance in 2016 in Austin, Texas. One year later, Saudi Arabia awarded the AI robot with actual citizenship, and now, Sophia will be coming to Malta.

Sophia will be making an appearance at this November's Malta Blockchain Summit, who made the breaking announcement on Facebook on Monday afternoon. "Exciting fireside chat ahead," the organisers happily announced yesterday.

Meet Sophia in the video below!

Sofia is a super-advanced humanoid capable of interpreting and understanding human language as well as 60 different human expressions. Development took over two years, and she continues to learn artificial intelligence, getting smarter with the more interactions she is involved in. Sophia can also help in a wide range of robotic tasks, which includes health care and research.

Malta is currently at the forefront of blockchain and DLT, and the Malta Blockchain Summit coming this November is a reflection of this. The circa 4,000 delegates joining will be shown world-changing applications of blockchain, including AI and IoT and the chance to listen to world-class innovators and professionals in the field.

What do you make of Artificial Intelligence? Let us know in the comments below and tag someone who would love to meet Sophia!

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