Malta’s Very Own Time Machine Is Here To Take You On A Voyage To Kalkara

Hop on board Magna Żmien

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We’ve been gushing over Magna Żmien for quite some time now, and for all those who were present for any of their events, you should know that it’s for a very good reason.

These guys are back with a new event which will be kicking off on the 3rd of November in Kalkara.

For their series titled The Landings of the Magnificent Memories Machine, Magna Żmien will be presenting Landing #5 at the Parish Hall in Pjazza Arċisqof Gonzi. The night will be featuring an installation by Tiny Island Studio and Robert Farrugia.

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The event will be gathering some jizz-worthy works by the amazing Emanuel Borg curated by Charlie Cauchi. Borg’s work is known for the comforting intimacy it presents to the viewers — a bedlam of feels are expected on the night.

Borg has been known for portraying our island’s life in a personal way, he worked closely with the local press and Tourism Boards. This meant that he had close access to historical events in Malta.

The collection of raw personal memories will give us a glimpse of forgotten Maltese themes including politics, social interactions and the environment.

Kalkara was chosen to pay homage to the great Maltese photographer’s work due to the fact that it’s his beloved hometown. Most of these works are never-seen before masterpieces. They span over 50 years and include a unique take on a 40s to 80s era Malta.

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Magna Żmien forms part of the Valletta 2018 Foundation's Cultural Programme.

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