9 Reasons Why Sliema Is Like Totally The Best Place Ever

Like, ever

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Oh Sliema. What could be said of you that hasn't been said already? Arguably one of Malta's most divisive towns, Sliema is just one of those places that people either love or love to hate, and there doesn't seem to be anyone with a neutral stance on Malta's bustling centre. 

Having said that, here are ten reasons why we think in Sliema is probably the best place ever.

1. It's one of Malta's biggest shopping districts

Sure, there's a lot of other great places to go shopping in Malta, but Sliema remains the go-to places for a lot of people. And with so many different shops all so close to each other, it's easy to see why.

2. It has some of the most beautiful architecture in Malta

Putting aside the drama associated with high-rises the area is known for its delightfully quaint townhouses, and Sliema exhibits the perfect combination of architectural styles, with beautiful Gothic churches, Art Deco apartment blocks, and unimposing modern architecture beautifully blended with centuries-old structures.

3. The Sliema Front is one of the most photogenic promenades out there

Iif you're looking for a great walk by the sea, then Sliema is perfect for you. You'll always find scores of people walking (or jogging, bleh) along the promenade, and your journey to the neighbouring towns with the beautiful Mediterranean Sea for company is simply amazing. 

If you're one of those people who are not really big on exercising and are more into flexing on Instagram, then just take a seat on one of the many benches and get ready to start snapping the day away.

4. If you're a foodie, you're in luck

The only problem you'll have if you're hungry and are looking for good food in Sliema is choosing only place to indulge yourself. Happy eating. 

5. Sliema really is a city that never sleeps

This is one of the very few places (that isn't Paceville) where when the sun goes down, the real fun starts. The whole promenade is dotted with bars and clubs, making Sliema the place to be on a weekday evening. 

6. Winter is Sliema is scary... but gorgeous

Some of the most impressive photos of raging waves and storms ever taken in Malta were taken in Sliema. Just make sure not to fail your way to internet fame during a huge storm.

7. Everyone looks more fabulous with Sliema as the backdrop

If you're looking for the perfect profile picture, then just head to Sliema with a friend a good camera/phone. Watch the likes start pouring in.

8. Sliema is home to the quirkiest street installations 

One morning, a huge and colourful cat just showed up on the roof of a building in Independence Gardens. The sculpture by Matthew Pandolfino added to an already-impressive group of quirky structures that help give Sliema that extra unique character that locals and tourists alike have come to love about the town.

9. The entire town is also a beautiful canvas for some of the coolest street art in Europe

Spurred on by the amazing artists who all contribute to the annual Sliema Arts Festival, Sliema has helped put Malta on the map when it comes to its impressive works of art that add so much colour to the town.

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Bonus: Some of the best views of Valletta are actually from Sliema

Honestly, it doesn't get any more beautiful than Valletta's historical skyline from Marsamxett Harbour.

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