The Guardian Names New Maltese Museum As One Of The Top Must-Sees In Europe

And it hasn't even officially opened its doors yet

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The Guardian has compiled a list of Gallery launches which everyone is excited to see reopened, some of which are big names in Europe such as the Atelier des Lumières in Paris and the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest.

Amid this list of 13 museums in Europe, The Guardian also mentioned one local attraction that's set to hit the island soon; The Museum of Fine Arts in Valletta — Muża. Located at the Auberge D’Italie in the capital city, the space alone is already worthy a visit. 

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Muża was one of the main projects of the Valletta’s European Capital of Culture 2018. It will house works from the previous National Museum of Fine Arts of Valletta which was situated in South Street. 

The museum is green-powered and generates its energy from renewable resources. It leaves zero-carbon footprint and was carefully developed with sustainable measures in mind. 

Muża will be housing maps which tell the story of the Ottoman attacks on Malta during the Great Siege by Giovanni Francesco Camocio. It will also house works by Valentin de Boulognem Melchiorre Gafa, Mattia Preti, Camillo d’Errico and Antonio Sciortino. 

The new museum will officially open its doors later this June, and we cannot wait to visit this beautiful site and the treasures it holds.

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