The Hunt For Pink And Other Stories: Malta's 'Ambasadoor' Is Getting Her Own Solo Exhibition

It's Instagram, but in real life

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Despite taking photos on the daily, Lisa Gwen is decidedly not a photographer. And yet, she is the brains (and the eyes) behind one of the most popular instagram accounts dedicated to Malta; MaltaDoors.

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Lisa Gwen claims that hers is just "an eye for detail, a penchant for texture and colour, and that ultimately hers is a quest to chase light and attempt to frame it".

She has a simple vision; a desire to share her discoveries with like-minded individuals

And hopes that her photos will inspire more people to open their eyes, and see, not only look, at their environment and surroundings, be it urban or rural, be it random or commonplace.

Titled The Hunt for Pink and Other Stories, Lisa's latest exhibition will be showing a small selection of images captured over the past 18 months

These works will be exhibited at Solo Vinyl and Books in Msida. Inspired by her door-hunting expeditions, exploratory walks and innately curious nature, the collection of idiosyncratic snaps offer an alternative aesthetic to the picture-perfect postcards often associated with the Maltese landscape.

But why a "hunt for pink"?

The colour pink has become a guiding hand for Lisa, informing her pursuits so heavily that all the other narratives seem to have become an offshoot of this somewhat mundane quest. What started as a simple hashtag on Instagram has become a focal point for her work.

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But who is Lisa Gwen?

Known among her followers as the 'Ambassadoor', Lisa is a curator of words and an editor of spaces. Her work and projects are the outcomes of these often overlapping and interchangeable roles. One focuses on words and type, the other on artworks and installations. Both create images and visuals; both deal with narratives.

Besides an innate passion related to all fields of visual art, Lisa loves playing the role of a local tourist. She explores sites and spaces, scrutinising the natural, the built and the ‘other landscape’, through a camera lens, then she shares her visuals through various social media platforms.

Lisa has a background in Art History and Cultural Management, and currently works as an Associate in the Strategy and Funding team at Arts Council Malta.

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The show will open on May 14, for a four-week period, during the following opening hours; Tuesday - Friday 10am - 2pm and 4pm - 7pm and Saturday between 11am - 6pm

Until then, you can satisfy your craving for beautifully symmetrical images by stalking Lisa's work on the MaltaDoors page, as well as her personal account.

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