WATCH: Absolutely Magical! 3,000 Lanterns Will Be Lighting Up This Gozitan Village Tomorrow

Santa Luċija will be experiencing the largest 'fjakkolata' to ever be held on the Maltese Islands

Sometimes, it's the simple things that still manage to take our breath away. And the eery beauty of fire and candlelight is definitely one of those things. Now, one tiny Gozitan hamlet wants to take this to a whole new level by organising the largest fjakkolata on the Maltese Islands. Ever.

This event will be taking place in Santa Luċija from 7pm onwards, and visitors are expected to be amazed by around 3,000 lanterns lighting up the breath-taking Għar Ilma hill.

To commemorate the event, the quaint hamlet will be hosting traditional Maltese customs like folk dance, music and obviously delicious food.

The fjakkolata was originally scheduled to take place last weekend, but had to be postponed after the severe weather that dominated those couple of days.

Generally done to celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, the fjakkolata is usually held on the 13th of October. For anyone who was afraid they might've lost the opportunity to soak up the sights this year, tomorrow is your ray of candlelit hope!

Will you be in Gozo this weekend? Leave us a comment below and tag someone who shouldn't miss this!

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Chiara Micallef