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365 Days Of We Don’t Says! Lovin Malta’s Biggest TikTok Series Turns One Today

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It’s been a very long and very busy year on Lovin Malta’s TikTok page… and hundreds of videos later, our biggest series to date has officially turned one year old today. So here’s to In Malta We Don’t Say!

Highlighting the good, the bad and the hilarious aspects of how Maltese people celebrate, communicate and vent out, the series has seen us upload 35 videos and a couple of specials featuring celebrity cameos.

And with just under three million total views and counting on this series alone, it’s safe to say the past year been one wild ride.

@lovinmaltaofficialOne year and 3 million views later 🤯 THANK YOU 😍 (and RIP Headphone Users 🥵😂) ##fypmalta ##lovinmalta ##inmaltawedontsay ##tiktokmalta ##viral ##oneyear♬ original sound – Lovin Malta

From the latest viral videos making the rounds on everyone’s WhatsApp threads to classic Norman Lowell quotes and that one awesome guy who just really loves potatoes, we’ve looked at pretty much every video that distills everything it means to be Maltese in a couple of seconds.

But in classic Lovin Malta TikTok fashion, it’s all meant to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Case in point, our top IMWDS episode, which features Christopher “Il-Kaboċċ” giving his mother a fright… a video which amassed a quarter of a million views and was happily reshared by the legend himself.

But if there’s one thing that’s even better than all the views and shares we got, it’s the army of videos we inspired of TikTokers sharing what we say in Malta.

From lip syncing duets to original productions that even required filming overseas, your own interpretations of In Malta We Don’t Say kept us entertained and blushing.

And speaking of blushing, seeing as the Lovin Malta Social Media Awards 2021 winner of the Best Overall Content Creator Sarah Zerafa said her favourite piece of content was the IMWDS series, here’s to so many more – and maybe a celebrity cameo or two on the horrizon!

@liam_curmi_degrayParody of @lovinmaltaofficial #wedontsaychallenge reuploaded because I misspelt a word 🤣. Is-Silġ ❄️❄️ #lovinmalta #parody #fyp #snow #silġ #malta♬ original sound – Liam Curmi de Gray

Of course, IMWDS is just the tip of our TikTok iceberg… and it’s already looking like a very busy 2022.

Quadrupling our followers in the last year, we’re now sitting on just under 39,000 followers… and nearly 900,000 likes.

And with a monthly average of around two million views and an annual total exceeding 20 million, we couldn’t be happier and more grateful of all of you.

So bring on next year – and stay tuned for a very busy one over on our TikTok page.

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