WATCH: Ever Wonder What Landing In Malta Looks Like From The Cockpit?

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When he's not busy being a captain for a major European charter airline, mightymkl  also moonlights as a YouTuber who posts videos of the airports he flies into, including this scenic approach over Malta.

You can even listen in to the pilots' communications with air traffic control as they approach Malta from the North East and fly over Gozo before aligning themselves with the airport's instrument landing system, guiding them across most of Malta along the way.

The video from the cockpit of a Boeing 737 was posted in the summer of last year, and includes the subsequent taxi after landing to the terminal.

If you happen to live on the other end of Malta and are feeling left out - don't worry - mightymkl flew an approach from the west of the island as well, although this one spends much more time over the sea.

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