WATCH: 13 Swans Flying Over Gozo

Rare majestic sight hasn't been witnessed in decades

Gozo witnessed a rare sight yesterday as at least 13 majestic swans landed in Marsalforn. 

The photos and videos sparked a discussion on Facebook about how long ago swans had been seen in Malta, with one user saying the last time he saw swans was 24 years ago. Another Facebook user said he had been going out to sea for a quarter of a century and never got to see swans. 

According to Times of Malta, the swans are believed to have migrated further south than normal because of cold weather in Europe. It also reported that policemen were on site to deter illegal hunting.

And if the English language nerd inside of you is wondering how to refer to a group of swans, this is your answer: a bevy, or a wedge if the birds are in flight. 

Are you in Gozo? Send us your photos and videos of the swans at Marsalforn on [email protected] 

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