Here's Why Maltese People Will Love The 3 New Ryanair Destinations

Time to adjust your 2017 travel plans

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In an ever-increasing Ryan Air route-network, three new destinations have been added to Malta's list of low-cost travel destinations. And aside from bringing more than a million tourists over to Malta, and creating more than a thousand new jobs – we've also been gifted with three new holidaying options for 2017: Naples, Riga, and Belfast.

Now you might already have started weighing out whether or not you should include these cities in your lifetime travel-itinerary. To make things a bit easier, we've listed three reasons that Maltese people will love each of the destinations. Here we go.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

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1. They've also been GOT'ed

In Northern Ireland Game Of Thrones employs more locals than the civil service. Maybe they can donate some money to us to buttress Dwejra.

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2. They also enjoy crazy lighting on national buildings

Belfast's City Hall is to our Castille. 

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3. They built the Titanic, which is possibly the ultimate 'uwiva' moment

"Maybe we shouldn't speed up, what with the threat of a colossal impact with gargantuan iceberg?"

"Uwiva, umbad narraw..."

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Riga, Latvia

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1. They totally get Eurovision

Even though Latvia have only been doing it for 17 years, they're pretty much our biggest Eurovision foes. What with having beaten Queen Ira in 2002 (Still. Hurts.)... We need to go there to gather some Eurovision intelligence (read: sabotage). 

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2. They have one of the fastest internet speeds in the world

Latvia’s internet speeds are among the fastest in the world, averaging 13.8MB/s. So you're going to have so many complaining rights when you get back to Malta. 


3. They're UNESCO and Capital of Culture

Yup, they're all up in our UNESCO – including a quarter of the city being super old and pedestrianised (can you say Mdina?), and they were Europe's Capital of Culture in 2014...

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Naples, Italy

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1. They know how to get their church on

There are 448 historical churches in the city of Napoli. #relate

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2. They're our clothes hanging twins

Naples/Valletta... tom-ay-toe/tom-ah-toe


3. You can eat like a king on a pauper's budget

And we all know how much we like to eat...

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