Maltese Toddler On His Way To Instagram Superstardom

Baby Marlow is all about that #wanderlust

Maltese Baby

A globe trotting toddler and his parents with a wonderful eye for detail are all set to take the Instasphere by storm. The_littleglobetrotter is an adorable account that documents the travels of Marlow Cuschieri, a "Eurasion kid and a caption story-teller".

Mommy Melissa and Daddy Gianluca (who are currently based in London) are living the dream family life as they travel around the world with their son. 

Their travels have seen them fly from Bali to New York to Bath to Valletta. And from the looks of it, we have many more destinations wo enjoy with them.

If you wanna see more of his adventures, make sure to follow Marlow & CoWord on the street is they'll soon have a blog up and running, documenting all his adventures.

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Chucky Bartolo

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