5 Things We Learned About Ira Losco In Her Rainy Car Interview

She's not afraid to tell it like it is

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Ira Losco has opened about, well, pretty much everything in a recent interview with Xarabank's Mark Laurence Zammit. 

The interview saw Mark and Ira driving around singing her songs and talking about her personal life and career - a nod to the pulling power of James Corden's Carpool Karaoke style interview. 

Despite the slightly awkward "please date me" start to the interview, there were a few interesting new things we've all learnt about Malta's sweetheart, Ira Losco.

1. She's amazing at answering very personal questions

After being asked point blank if her boobs are her own, Ira owned the question, and casually admitted that yes, she has had a boob job. "Let's just say I had some help in these recent years. Partially from God partially from..."

In another statement later in the clip she also nonchalantly admits that she sees comments about her being a "werċa (cross eyed)" and just shrugs them off as irrelevant.

Two of the most needlessly spoken about rumors - buried.


Photo: Kris Micallef

2. She knew she was pregnant before the Malta Eurovision Song Contest

And she considers the three-week run up to the show as the most difficult time for her in her entire life, both personally and professionally. The emotional rollercoaster was clear as day in the footage of her after she was announced as the winner. While most complained she was too dismissive of her win, others speculated there was a lot more going on behind the scenes.

Officially, she kept the whole thing under wraps until a week before her performance in Stockholm because she never wanted the Maltese people to doubt her capabilities as a singer and a performer just because she was pregnant.

All The Emotions

Ira after winning MESC - Photo: TVM

3. She doesn't regret the Eurovision

Despite the immense pressure of being pregnant and performing on top of your game, coupled with the stress added by an endless stream of 'if Ira can't win this for us, no one can' Ira has no regrets about her journey. Like most of us, she's probably not thrilled about the results, but she even went as far as saying that she enjoyed this run a lot more than her first stint at the Eurovision back in 2002.


4. She loves John Lennon

Given the chance to have dinner with literally anyone, dead or alive, Ira Losco chose to have a sit-down with the Beatle's superstar John Lennon. Well, we can't really blame her, can you Imagine what that would be like? (We'll see ourselves out).

Ira Lennon

5. She kinda knew she was going to win the MESC

Everyone's gotta be confident in the song they put forward for the Eurovision, but while speaking to Mark Ira admitted that she was "already worried about being five months pregnant at the show, and whether [she'll] look huge on stage" before being chosen. Some on social media are claiming this as proof she already knew she'd secure the win. 

Although if we're being honest, Ira isn't the only one who was sure she would win - no one in Malta ever doubted Ira Losco would be our choice... because - Ira Losco.

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Image: Xarabank

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