5 Signs Ira Was Pregnant

You just can't hide the glow

Ira Feature Pregnant

To some degree, we've all known Ira Losco was pregnant. She only confirmed it today, but here's five times it was clear Ira was pregnant.

1. When she was clearly thinking about the way the win and the pregnancy would collide

Ira Unamused

Ira: *is happy she won*
Also Ira: *is freaking the fuck out about everything happening at once*

2. When she instantly adopted the protective-pregnancy-pose after receiving her trophy

Ira Pregnant Trophy

3. When she almost perfected the art of "working my angles to hide my stomach"

Ira Angles


4. When she hid underneath a tent, and hoped to get away with it

Ira Tent

But her fans went apeshit, and weren't having any of it.

5. Until she finally gave up pretending, and looked (and sounded) fucking stunning

Ira Showing

BONUS: Her subtle brilliance in hashtag choices

Wow Ira

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