7 Hilarious Maltese-Dubbed Videos

This one's definitely NSFW


If anyone came expecting accurate translations of movie trailers, this is going to be a bit of a disappointment for you as all these clips feature the characteristically crass Maltese humour that will never cease to make us chuckle.

1. The 50 Shades of Grey trailer

This video hasn't even hit the one-year mark, but it's already become a Maltese classic on YouTube; living proof that the only thing that sells more than sex, are fart jokes.

2. Pingu

This insta-classic video swaps out the fart jokes for rude words, and a clay penguin that wants to go to Havana. Standard. 

3. The Lord of the Rings

Taking a couple of lines from viral sensation Kingswell, the Lord of the Rings Balrog scene has never been less stressful.

4. Adele's Hello and the Bicycle Mechanic 

Remember that classic Raġel Tipiku Malti video? It was uploaded at the very start of YouTube's lifetime. Since then it has and has amassed more than 200K views. Take that, and mash it up with Adele's Hello, and you've got comedy gold on your hands.

5. The Simpsons

Or rather, is-Sofor (literally "the yellow ones"). Another super old video some will remember from the years of Ares and Limewire, this is one of Malta's historic dubs, with just enough swear words to take it to another level.

6. The Suicide Squad trailer

A more recent addition to the list, this video was uploaded just over a month ago. This has some standout moments, especially since the first thing said in the video is "Qisek Żobbi".

7. Popeye the Sailor

A true staple of hilariously rude Maltese dubs. The fact that we've got more than one tie to the famous strong sailor somehow makes this all the more personal. 

BONUS: Dragonball 

When people talk about hilarious Maltese dubs, this video always comes up. The biggest shame is that, in the eight years since this was uploaded to YouTube, someone flagged it for copyright and now has no sound. But it definitely deserves an honorary place on this list for how iconic it's become, with some people still randomly quoting it even in 2017. There have been other Dragonball in Maltese videos that were uploaded over the years, but the original remains staple. 

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