Scarred Maltese Model Owns Her New Look

Injured by her dog after a friendly head bump

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Sarah Zerafa, 20, a Maltese model who suffered injuries to her face after an incident with her dog last week, has taken to social media to proudly show off her new scars.

"This is the new me, I AM BACK," she told her thousands of fans on Facebook, beneath a photo showing the scars around her lips. 

Her 40kg-labrador Choco accidentally hurt her while she was getting ready for a photoshoot. 

"I went to kiss Choco over his head and closed my eyes. He seems to have hit me with his head in my lips and his teeth got in the way. He sliced open my lips so I needed reconstructive plastic surgery."

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Sarah before the incident. 

Sarah spoke to Lovin Malta about the moment she decided to make the best of the situation despite being devastated. 

"I remember crying my eyes out on the hospital bed, yelling: My life is over, My life is over. But the morning after my reconstructive surgery, I was faced with two options: Let this destroy me or fight it. I remember looking in the mirror and telling myself: 'You may never look or feel the same again, but you can do this,"

"After a hurricane comes a rainbow," she told Lovin Malta.

The incident happened on the day Sarah and her boyfriend Jean Paul Farrugia were celebrating their second anniversary. 

Despite the clash Sarah maintains that she and Choco are still "the best of friends".

The doctors are not sure about how much Sarah's scars will heal.

"They had a huge job to do because my lips had been completely ripped off. So I'm already happy with the result. If I take care of it, they say it might fade a little bit."

We wish Sarah a speedy recovery, and respect the hell out of her owning her look.

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