WATCH: A Bunch Of Maltese Guys Try A Pregnancy Pain Simulator And It's Hilarious

"I'm so happy to be a man, man"

Skip to 00:47 for the labour-pains.

"I'm so happy to be a man, man" is a real thing that this young Maltese guy said when experiencing pain similar to labour pains. Great revelation there, pal.

So these labour-pain-simulator-videos have been popular on the web for quite a while now.

Basically, you attach a machine to your abdomen and it sends messages to your body that activate your muscles and induce pain. On the machine that these guys used, the labour-like pains kick in when you reach 'Level Eight'. For the majority of the video, the guy experiencing the pains is on 'Level Three'.

So like, period pains. That we women experience once a month for three to 10 days.

"I'm so happy to be a man, man" indeed.


For the rest of the video, the guys attach the simulator to various parts of their bodies like their arms and face, because they're tough men and like the pain.


They try to carry out menial tasks like making a piece of toast while randomly being shocked with intense levels of pain. Because they're tough men. And they like the pain.

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