WATCH: Adorable Video By Maltese Teachers Welcomes The Summer Break

No more fidget spinners

While most of us as starting to feel the heat, the teachers at St. Clare College, Pembroke are really excited about summer, and they're probably not alone.

The short 30-second clip shows the school's staff running through the halls singing along to High School Musical's iconic Summertime.


The clip also includes some of the more trying moments for teachers across the past scholastic years, from fidget spinners (excitedly thrown in the trash) to bottle-flipping and dabbing... because of course they did.

Fidget Spinners

Most schools will be done within the next few days (some, including St. Clare are already done) which means teachers will be getting a slight break from their noisy classrooms. 

But as excited as the teachers may be for their summer holidays, we're sure the children are more thrilled to be out of school. Well, perhaps not all the kids...


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Chucky Bartolo

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