WATCH: Coast Road Driver Out-Crazies Any Madness We've Seen On Malta's Roads

Keep rewatching till you catch all the illegalities

Every day we see a new video that makes us lose a little bit more faith in Malta's drivers. We've had everything from people driving down 500-year-old stairs in Valletta to overtaking at a roundabout and smashing a rubble wall in the process, but we might've just come across one that takes the cake. At least as far as summer 2017 goes.

In a short video sent to Lovin Malta, a man can be seen driving up the hill between the Coast Road and Pembroke (Triq Santa Andrija) in what appears to be an old white Fiesta. The problem? Well, there are actually three...

1. He's driving in the bike lane

Spoiler alert; that car is not a bike.

Screen Shot 2017 09 12 At 11 23 45

2. He's driving on a bare rim

Nope, not a flat tyre. Not a blown one either. It's literally just a bare rim.

Screen Shot 2017 09 12 At 11 26 30

3. He's drinking while driving

It's a whole party in there with four people crammed inside the car, but the driver? He's just chilling, drinking what seems to be beer while the car painfully slides up the hill. Uphill. In the bike lane.

Screen Shot 2017 09 12 At 11 28 07

Here's a quick PSA in case someone out there actually needed to hear this; this is absolutely batshit; not to mention dangerous. There are so many things wrong with this video, it's difficult to pick the worst one. But let's just say that if there's actually no rubber left on one of your wheels, that's your car trying to tell you something.

Tag someone who won't believe this shit.

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