9 Other Completely Batshit Maltese Driving Videos

How did these people get a driving licence?!

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The local viral video of the week was undeniably that crazy Terios samurai cutting into a roundabout. And yet, we all know that it wasn't the first or last time someone did something completely fucking insane on the road. 

Thanks to the people over at Idiot Drivers Exposed, there's now a showcase of the worst of our country's drivers online, with the hope of slowly yet steadily eradicating this madness. Here's our rundown of the craziest ones in circulation right now: 

1. It's my street and I'll turn right when I want to

Nearly causing a head-on collision to stop on the wrong side of a narrow country road? Tajba bro.

2. Someone's in a hurry...

Yeah sure, go ahead and overtake a van that's stopped at a red light and run the red light yourself. Absolutely normal.

3. Phone Conversations > Traffic?

Holding traffic exiting onto one of the busiest roads in Malta because you're on the phone? Seriously, this needs to stop. If it really is an emergency, then you should have a Bluetooth headset just in case. You can actually find good dirt cheap ones at your local stationery now - no excuses!

4. Talk about a rock and a hard place!

The person who was filming this had the pavement and a pole on the left and a guy obliviously changing into his lane straight onto him on the right. Shot in Marsa, where legends have it that there are no rules.

5. Mind if I squeeze in?

The amount of fucks that this person had to not give to run the red lights to join the adjacent traffic must mean he was reaally late. Or reaally stupid.

6. Red means GO

There are far too many of these videos depicting drivers ignoring traffic lights. Perhaps our biggest epidemic is that half the country's actually colourblind?

7. GTA: Coast Road

This video reminds us of every time we start playing a new driving game for the very first time. Perhaps this guy should only be allowed to drive virtually; that way, he can't hurt anyone.

8. One Road, Three Psychos

One guy overtakes more than a dozen cars stuck in traffic in Burmarrad...and then another one joins in. And then guess what? Another one. And by the time the guy on the bike filming all of this catches up to the first one, the guy starts following him by overtaking more cars. 

9. Speeding In The Wrong Lane

And the way the driver in this car (which seems to be a Porsche or a similarly fast sports car) whizzes by along the Coast Road at night, it could've very well been just as deadly to poor Gabriel Debattista, who is justifiably shocked on his motorbike.

Seriously guys, Gabriel couldn't have put it better himself - this is just too much!

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