WATCH: Emma Muscat Returns As Disney's Biggest Princesses Alongside Popular Italian Rapper

Have you ever seen a drunk Ariel?

Belle is addicted to her phone, Jasmine can't get enough tofu, Elsa's an antisocial hermit and Ariel's a hot mess. And they're all Malta's new favourite international celebrity.

Malta's teenage sensation Emma Muscat keeps going from strength to strength, and her latest collaboration could be one of the biggest to date. In a YouTube announcement made my popular Italian rapper Shade, the starlet takes on some of Disney's most beloved princesses.... with an edgy 21st century touch.

The video, which appeared online yesterday, features four mini-songs referring to Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Beauty & The Beast and Frozen. In the two-minute video, Shade and Emma take the audience on a ride of what Disney songs would look and sound like if they had to be rap songs.

From a vegan Aladdin and Jasmine to a thoroughly tipsy Ariel, the songs go through a series of contemporary topics, from being addicted to your phone during social events to spending an entire night out plastered to the bar.

Screenshot 2018 11 13 At 09 51 59

Jasmine's lost, just thinking about quinoa

Screenshot 2018 11 13 At 09 50 34

Someone take that bottle of wine away from Ariel

Screenshot 2018 11 13 At 09 50 17
Screenshot 2018 11 13 At 09 51 29
Screenshot 2018 11 13 At 09 58 14

"Neħħi il-mobile minn idejk qalbi!"

Screenshot 2018 11 13 At 09 50 03

Elsa Muscat doesn't go out much

Less than 24 hours after being uploaded, the video has already amassed nearly 500,000 views, and judging by Shade's popularity, it's only going to go way up soon enough.

Emma and Shade's "Disney freestyle" was actually released as part of the Italian rapper's new album release later this week.

With his third album Truman scheduled to come out this Friday, Shade took to social media to release a number of videos with the album's collaborators. And because Emma is on the album's third track Figurati Noi, the pair released this "freestyle" as part of the marketing campaign.

A fellow Warner Music Italy artist, Shade commands a massive following in Italy. In fact, many of his music videos have gone on to get millions of views, with some of them even breaching 50 million

This latest collaboration is set to be one of Emma Muscat's biggest, with even her simple Instagram announcement getting over 72,000 likes in just over 20 hours.

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