WATCH: Malta's Favourite New Solo Artist Is Back With A Stunning Music Video And An Awesome Cause

He's called it "the best audio visual project" of his entire career, and we can easily see why

Former Red Electrick frontman-turned-solo artist extraordinaire Mattew James Borg has kicked off his 2019 with one big dose of style thanks to his latest single High. And it turns out this is one classic case of "Come for the music, stay for the video."

MJB had actually been teasing this latest release for a while, having initially announced that he'd soon be dropping High back in December. From the get-go, in fact, the project saw Matt involving a number of creatives from all around the island.

The visually striking music video gives us a look into the perplexing life of a young woman stuck in a small white room as she appears to slowly descend into dark thoughts through her dependency on a small TV set that sees our MJB seemingly being her only connection to the outside (think futuristic hospital meets Black Mirror). The accompanying uplifing track - which helps perfectly mirror the bittersweet twist ending - sees Matthew James collaborating with popular producer (and X Factor Malta judge) Howard Keith.

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The music video is a devilishly simple but visually spectacular start to the solo artist's year

"It is normal to be in love with the latest art you are working on," Matt James said in one of his last posts of 2018. "However I truly believe that the team on this project have helped me achieve what I think is the best audio visual project of my career till this day!"

Beyond the artwork by White Noise, High sees Matt James collaborating with videography gurus Maka Visuals, who took charge of an impressive RED camera to bring the project to life. In fact, Matt finished 2018 by uploading a couple of behind-the-scenes photos from the beautifully minimalist set.

It turns out High is actually the end of a three-part series that started all the way back in 2012

Fans of Red Electrick (and pretty much everyone else on the island) will definitely remember the hit singles Paul and Young Again. Well, Matt has now revealed that High is the end of a story that has been (perhaps unknowingly to fans) been told over the last seven years.

"Paul speaks about a man who has decided to let go of his dreams and settle in his comfort zone," Matt explained. "Living a life of safety, and no risk, he is dearly missed by his wife Marilyn and his two children Mike and Jane, when he passes away. This experience makes Mike – Paul’s older son – change his approach towards life. He realises that we only have one life and he must make the best of it because, as the song Young Again says, ‘We’ll never grow young again’. He therefore sets out into the world to achieve his dreams, letting nothing get in his way, not even love. This moment leads to High”.

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Beyond its creative accomplishments, High also has a deep meaning... and an honourable mission

“The lyrics for this new single present us with a Mike, who has allowed the evil of society turn into anxieties which are destroying him," Matt continued. "He realises that the key to happiness is balance. Finding a way to follow his dreams but still be in touch with empathy, love, care and kindness, the protagonist of the story rises 'high' above the sources of anxiety, wandering 'the world in an open sky' where nothing can stop him."

For this latest release, Matt teamed up with The Richmond Foundation to raise awareness and funds about anxiety, a mental disorder that's unfortunately been on the rise (especially among today's youth).

"Richmond Foundation are now offering a Mental Health First Aid Course so that we can do our little part and help others and maybe even ourselves," Matt said. "For this reason, 50% of every iTunes download will be donated to Richmond".

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